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Please review the Booking Contract carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Rental Deposit
A deposit of 50% of the Total Contract Amount is due upon signing this Contract. must receive the Rental Deposit within five days of the date of this Contract. This booking cannot be confirmed until the deposit is received.
Security Deposit
For some properties the owners require a cash security deposit to be provided on arrival at the property. Any breakages, damage or loss caused to the property or its contents during the rental period may result in the forfeit of some or the entire security deposit.     

Travel Insurance
We strongly suggest that you consider a Travel Insurance policy of your choice. This is particularly important coverage for vacation rentals because they are typically arranged several months in advance and cancellation involves significant penalties.


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Taxes are calculated at 0.00%
Please note: The amounts in this contract are in Euro. The US Dollar equivalent will be calculated based on the currency exchange rate at the time of payment using rates.
Local/Additional Charges and Expenses

Description & Amount

I have read and agree to the conditions of this two page Booking Contract, including those listed in the Terms and Conditions. I understand that I am committing to the rental of the property listed above for the period stipulated and to the payment of all amounts due under this Contract.



The Rental Amount may be paid by check without a booking fee.

When paying by credit card there is a 4% processing fee.

By signing below the Cardholder authorizes to charge the aforementioned credit card for payment of the property rental.

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