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Posted by Sandro Gilioli on 01/03/2018
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Bodrum – Greek Islands – Bodrum

Start and finish in Bodrum. Bodrum International Airport (BJV) it’s only 30 minutes away from the harbor. Some of the places you can visit during this trip are:

Kos Island: this island is part of the Dodecanese islands
group lying in the southeast Kos-Island-Aegean
Sea, across Bodrum port of Turkey. Important
villages apart from the center are Kefalos,
Mastihari, Zia, and Zipari.
Hippocrates was born here, in the town center you
can see Tree of Hippocrates, and a temple where
he lectured. Kos city also hosts the International
Hippocratic Institute and the Hippocratic Museum.
You may also want to visit the ruins of Asklepieion,
Herodicus taught Hippocrates medicine there.

Leros Island: this is a Greek island and
municipality in the southern Aegean. Leros island
Farmakonisi island and a couple of unhabited
small islands are included in the municipality. The
island is famous for the medieval castle believed
to be built by the Knights of Saint John. Lakki port
is one of the biggest and safest ports in the region.
The island has been a stage for big battles in the
Second World War, there are still remains of sunk
ships in its ports.

Patmos island: this is a small Greek island in the
Aegean Sea north to Bodrum of Turkey, most known
for being the place patmos of the vision and the
writing of the Christian Bible’s Book of Revelation. The
churches and their communities are from the Eastern
Orthodox tradition. The island is therefore a
destination for Christian pilgrimages. You can see the
cave where Saint John is believed to have received
his Revelation, and some monasteries on the island
are dedicated to him. Skala is the main and biggest
port and its center town. You can take small sea shuttles
from main port to popular beaches.

Lipsi island: A small and discreet
island to the south of Samos. The island
is on the route of regular lipsi-ferries
going and coming from Pireus.
Amazing unspoiled beaches, all over. People of the island
produce thyme honey, cheese, wine
and carpets. Locals claim that it was
not the wizard Kalypso who retained
Ulysses from going to Ithaca, it was
the beauty of this island itself.
You may want to visit the church Aghios Ioannis, a religious-folkloric
museum and Panaghia of Haros.

Kalymnos Island: This is the island of
Kalymnos which stands out with its calmness
despite being the most popular of the
Dodecanese islands.
There are so many things you can do in
Kalimnos including climbing! If you have
interest in extreme sports this island which is
surrounded by mountains will be an exciting
place for you. You can also shop for local
souvenirs like the marine
sponge. Pleasant moments await you at Kalymnos’
beautiful, clear and unique beaches.

Please note that if you own a passport subject to Schengen visa, all passangers must have it
before entering in Greek waters. Also on charter terms, port charges and fees in Greek ports
belong to the customer.

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